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Shake That !
Reaper's Edit: Day Four 
20th-Oct-2011 05:30 pm
Rebecca's Story: 

Rebecca figured it'd be easy. After all, it was just one person. And it should have been easy, it should have. Fate didn't seem to agree with Rebecca though. When they had found the player, he seemed to have been waiting for them. Rebecca felt like she wouldn't be able to do much, so she was prepared to let the two duke it out, with Lightning being victorious, of course. But Lightning froze. She saw him, and something about him made her freeze.

Rebecca wasn't the only one who realized Lightning’s hesitation. Sazh did too. And he was prepared to use it against them. Rebecca ran in front of Lightning to shield her after seeing his plan. She couldn't fight him, she had no weapon, and hand-to-hand combat was futile if the opponent had a gun. Despite every fiber of her being telling her to run, to get away, to leave her partner behind, she couldn't. She couldn't leave somebody else stranded. Not again, not after Billy. 

She had met Billy when she was still alive, in a town whose mysteries seemed to all lead back to the Umbrella Corporation. She and her team were sent to investigate murders, but instead, her squad ended up decimated. It was just her left, her against the infected. But she had run into Billy Coen, and they quickly struck up a partnership in hopes of survival. He was convicted of a crime he didn't commit just because he was so easy to blame. So Rebecca had stolen her dog tags and worn them herself, promising him as long as she wore them, she would believe him, and try to help him after they had survived. She slowly found herself falling for the man as they continued forward, never seeming to reach the end of the nightmare. And then he had fallen into a sewer while trying to help HER. It was her fault, and Rebecca tried to follow him, she did, but in her panicked state she wasn't paying attention, and that had cost her her life. 

Rebecca couldn't even be sure if Billy was still alive, but she knew it was her fault. If she didn't win, then he would be by himself, and would probably die by the hands of the zombies. She wasn't going to have somebody else she close to her die because she was too careless, because she couldn't help. She wouldn't let Light get hurt too.

When Lightning's eyes drank in his"Get up, Lightning." were the only words she told Lightning before being shot. She felt the immense pain, and dully wondered how that should be possible if she was supposed to be dead. Rebecca fell, and she knew that had snapped Lightning out of her trance. Lightning began to fight Sazh as Rebecca addressed her injuries. Being a medic came in handy.

Lightning's Story: 

When Lightning's eyes drank in his form—his choice of weapon—she couldn't help the tensing of her spine or the cold trickle of sweat down her face. Her heart nervously rammed against her ribcage, tingles of shock and disbelief coursing through her. This man resembled someone from her foggy memories; the similarities were uncanny. A name drifted to the tip of her tongue, which almost felt thick with nerves. “Sazh?” she questioned, her weapon lowering by the second, name practically foreign. Her brain—her most logical aspect—screamed at her, demanding that she killed him, regardless of some vague memory or not.

However, she couldn't bring herself to do it.

Sazh lifted his guns upwards, barrels pointed directly to her heart. Oddly enough, Lightning's only reaction was to freeze, eyes closing shut, nails digging into the palm of her glove. A warm gust of wind passed her body and a gunshot rang out, causing the warrior to force her eyes open and take in the sight.

Rebecca had taken a bullet for her.

Her partner, Rebecca, had just saved her life.

“Get up, Light,” she said in a weaker tone, snapping Lighting from her trance. Because of her foolishness, Rebecca had been hurt. Gripping her sword tighter, Lightning tucked once Sazh attempted to fire at her once more, snapping on her anti-gravity and slamming him rather forcefully into a building's wall. He dropped both of his weapons, which she picked up and fired at him without a single care.

She was Lightning Farron, an ex-Guardian Core solider; this was what she was born to do.

Firing the dummy player's fake weapon against him, Lightning dropped to the ground once her anti-gravity device shut off, turning her head back to watch Sazh suffer on the ground. However, once a bright light erupted from his chest, the female recoiled, hand sliding over her own brand. After summoning Odin, Lightning gripped the guns more tightly and shot once more, defeating both the dummy player as well as the eidolon.

“Rebecca!” Hastily, Lightning dismissed Odin and ran over to her partner, quickly checking her pulse. “Are you alright?” The faint smile on the medic's lips told the warrior everything she needed to know; they were going to be alright.  

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