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Shake That !
Reaper's Edit: Day Two 
14th-Sep-2011 05:22 pm
Cute Sakura

Putting away her weapon after defeating a noise, Lightning glanced up at Rebecca, rolling her eyes at the young woman's cheerful attitude. “C'mon, Lightning; let's go.” The older woman only watched as Rebecca skipped ahead, a reluctant sigh passing through her lips. Trailing after the ex S.T.A.R.S. member, Lightning paused and nearly passed up Rebecca, who was glued to the window overlooking outside.

“What is it?” Lightning moved closer to her partner, arms cross against her chest in a protective manner.

“I know him,” Rebecca said slowly, eyes fixed upon the man glancing up into the old mansion. Confused, Lightning peered over the shorter girl's shoulder, a deep frown marring her face.

“You can't possibly know him. We're dead, remember?”

“He was my former S.T.A.R.S captain!” Rebecca pushed away from the window, going outside to greet her former captain, Albert Wesker. The blond-haired man smirked devilishly, alarming Lightning from the moment her eyes scanned over his manipulative face. “Captain! What are you doing here?”

Wesker spun around, light gleaming off of his sunglasses. Lightning balled her hand into a fist, arm slowly inching down in case she needed to draw out her weapon. “I'm not sure,” he lied. “Rebecca, who is this?”

Lightning could only stand and watch as the two conversed before, finally, the blond haired man shook his head. “You two should travel with me. It's safer that way.”

“I don't think so,” retorted Lightning, turning her head to look back at Rebecca. Oddly enough, the brunette looked down-right furious. “He's my captain, Lightning! I know him. I think it's safe!”

Recoiling, Lightning shook her head, temper raising. The two of them went back and forth like this until, finally, Lightning sighed. “Rebecca, don't you trust your partner?” Her tone was weary, both from the argument, and all of the fighting the two of them had done. Realizing her mistake, Rebecca quickly apologized, straightening out to give Wesker her answer. 

“Sorry,” she said, her face blank, “but I have to trust my partner.”

Wesker tried to influence her to join him, to leave Lightning behind. Instead, the brunette shook her head, turning her back on her former captain. "You'll regret this" were the last words Rebecca could hear as she was walking away, and she failed to see the mysterious woman appearing next to him.
"Excella, I think I've found a use for you."

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