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Shake That !
Reapers Edit Week One 
1st-Sep-2011 01:12 pm
Cute Sakura
OKAY i have no idea if anybody is following laurin's stuff or not BUT THIS ISN'T HER. She let me borrow her LJ for posting a story for a youtube contest and excuse my horrible writing for tainting her loveliness and YEAH. ILOVEYOULAURIN.
Rebecca looked and looked for any sign of where she was. She couldn’t tell. Turning her flashlight this way and that, she didn’t recognize any of the setting she was in. Before she could look more, she heard a rustling behind her. She turned quickly, gun and flashlight aimed at the unfamiliar sound.
“Don’t point that at me.” said a woman who looked only to be a couple of years older than Rebecca. And as soon as the woman said that, she started to walk away.
“Wait! Before you go, can you at least tell me where we are? I don’t know how I got here or where here even is.”
Lightning slowed her walk, trying to decide whether she would tell the girl where they were. From as far as she could tell, this person would be her partner.  The girl looked like she wasn’t even old enough to qualify for the gun she was holding. But Lightning didn’t seem to have a choice in the matter. She turned, about to tell the young girl where exactly they were, but it seemed the girl had fallen off the edge of whatever they were standing on. Lightning rushed to help and pulled her back up. Even if she didn’t quite like the younger one, being alone in this place wasn’t exactly ideal.
“Thank you.”  As she said this, an image of someone flashed in Lightning’s mind. She felt like she knew them, but she didn’t know from where.
“I’m Lightning. We’re both dead. This is our chance for redemption. We work together, or we stay dead.” She answered Rebecca’s previous question bluntly. And once Rebecca realized  Lightning was being serious, she gasped. But that was the most she showed in front of her new ‘partner’.  Instead of crying like she so wished to, she smiled, but when Rebecca thought Lightning wasn’t looking, she would sigh and let her mind drift off to thoughts she wasn’t quite ready to share.
This game, as it was said, wasn’t just an empty landscape. It was full of dangers and enemies referred to as ‘Noise’. Lightning usually took care of them before Rebecca could whip out her pistol. But not all of them were as small. When a larger one came along, it was time to ask for Rebecca’s help. But when Rebecca tried to shoot, she looked and felt like she’d never held a gun before in her life. She couldn’t even figure out how to take the safety off. Lighting eventually took care of the Noise, but not without trouble.
“Why didn’t you help?!” Lightning yelled at Rebecca.
“I don’t know.” She admitted.
“What?” Lighting asked, confused.
“I.. I couldn’t shoot. I don’t know why. It’s like I’ve never used a gun before.” She sighed.
“..sorry”  Lightning muttered.
Rebecca just gave another one of her smiles before turning and walking away.
As they continued to fight Noise, Lightning realized she couldn’t remember much about when she was alive. The only time she could remember anything was when she was fighting. Otherwise, when she tried to remember, the only thing she could seem to was Lightning, the soldier.
So she asked Rebecca if she could remember anything from her life.
“Yep, I remember. The only thing I can’t seem to get down is fighting.” was her answer.
Lightning scowled at this. “That’s the only thing that I remember.”
“You’ll remember soon enough.” was Rebecca’s typical, optimistic response.
After numerous times of not being able to use her pistol, Rebecca started to get frustrated, wondering why she couldn’t.
“It was your entry fee. That’s the rules.” Responded a woman she had never seen before. As quickly as the woman appeared, she left.
“That was the composer.” Responded Lightning.
“The creator of this ‘game’. She’s the one giving us another chance. So whatever she says, follow it.” Lightning seemed to know what she was talking about, so Rebecca didn’t doubt her.
“So, that means I won’t be able to fight?” she said slowly, disappointed that she would be of no use.
“I suppose not. These ‘fees’ are supposed to be things we took for granted in life.”
Rebecca thought and thought, curious as to how she took shooting for granted. She guessed it was because she always thought she’d be able to defend herself. She said she never needed the other’s help, even if she accepted it in the end anyways. Now she had no choice. She couldn’t fight. The most she could do was be a medic to Lightning, since she was more experienced in that than most.
After she thought out hers, she began to wonder what Lightning’s entry fee was. Lightning didn’t seem to remember her past, so she supposed that was it. ‘But how could someone take that for granted…’ was her only thought, one she didn’t think Lightning or herself had an answer to.
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