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Shake That !
Aimee is a Demanding Hoe. 
22nd-Jun-2011 07:48 pm
Killer Bee

It was only thirty past the hour and Tsuna was already tired of the crowded ballroom.

The marble-decorated hall was lovely, but the brunet couldn't help but feel a little claustrophobic with several people surrounding him, engaging in conversation in hopes of allying themselves to his family. At first, when Tsuna had come the Decimo, he was flattered at how many smaller, lesser families wanted to merge with the Vongola. Now, as he listened to an older man prattle on about his family's achievements in hopes of impressing him, he found himself growing quite bored. Still, he was polite; that was a given. He would smile and nod, only listening with half interest to whatever was going on around him.

He really hated these types of parties, he finally decided as he watched another person add herself to the conversation.

Lifting the champagne fluke up to his lips, Tsuna tilted the glass forward, savoring the sweet and bubbly liquid that filled his mouth. “So, what do you think, Mr. Sawada?” Blinking in surprise, Tsuna lowered the glass from his line of vision and connected his gaze with the woman who was addressing him.


“I do believe Mr. Sawada is bored with your conversation, Gena. Please be more considerate of our younger guests.” A new man had entered the small circle of discussion, a faint smile crinkling the corners of his mouth. Instantly Tsuna recognized him as Anthony Gallo, the current boss of the Gallo family, as well as the host of this party. His suit was pressed impeccably without wrinkles, salt-and-pepper hair slicked back as a fashion statement. Sliding his pale blue eyes over to the younger mafia boss, he allowed a larger smile to curl at his lips. “He was just far too polite to say anything himself.”

If he had been a couple years younger, Tsuna would have flushed at the accuracy of the statement. What he did, however, was chuckle. “You'll have to excuse me for my rudeness. I'm afraid to say those long nights of paperwork are beginning to take their toll on me.”

Anthony merely snorted. “You must be thirty years my senior, and you do far more work than I. You're going to work yourself to death, Sawada.”

“You are forgetting how important and influential the Vongola family is to the mafia world, Gallo. It's a good thing the kid is working his ass off. It can't be an easy job,” another man cut in, shaking his head. Tsuna smiled uneasily, placing his now finished champagne fluke down on the waiter's tray.

“If you'll excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, I do believe I need some fresh air.” With this said, the young mafia don turned on his heel and zipped past a couple more people, stepping outside. The cool air hit his face, earning a low groan of appreciation. It felt so much nicer outside, and he made plans on spending as much time as possible leaned against the mini balcony, overlooking a rather large pool not five feet below him. He allowed his eyes to flutter closed, a wave of relaxation sweeping through him, until a small droplet of something wet hit his face. Confused, Tsuna pushed himself from off the railing of the balcony, hand sweeping his cheek. Pulling his hand back, he examined the smooth flesh before the rustling of water beneath him caught his attention.

Floating in the darkened water was you, smirk painted across your full mouth. Leaning forward against the railing once more, Tsuna couldn't help but lift an eyebrow as your laughter met his ears. “I was wondering how long I was going to have to flick water before you noticed.” Your tone was teasing as your gaze ascended upon the young man standing above you. Swimming forward, you stopped once you reached the edge of the pool. Placing your arms on the concrete, you rested your chin against your forearms. “Enjoying the party?”

“You could say that. You seem to be enjoying it far more than I am, though,” replied Tsuna, who was doing his best to analyze you. To say he was surprised to see someone swimming in Anthony Gallo's pool was an understatement. Unless you lived here, it was an extremely daring thing to do. To his knowledge, Anthony Gallo only had one child; a son named Devin. So what were you doing out here?

Clearly impressed by his answer, you smiled and rested your cheek against your slick hand, which was now propped up by your elbow. “Got that right, Mr. Vongola.”

Tsuna's form went rigid once you addressed him correctly, sepia orbs widening before a wary look replaced his confusion.

“Oh, don't worry,” you rolled your eyes, “I'm not here to hurt you, or anyone else, so wipe that look off your face. I just recognized you by your hair, and your facial features. You're like a celebrity in this world.”

“The mafia world. Your world?”

You hummed in the back of your throat. “Maybe, maybe not. What do you think, Vongola Tenth?”

“I think you like to play mind games.” Tsuna rested his cheek against his curled knuckles, staring down at your floating form. “Who are you, by the way?”

“Ah, that is for me to know.” You pushed yourself off the ledge and submerged yourself into the water. Tsuna watched with a baited breath until you broke through the surface, hair clinging to the sides of your face and curling at the base of your neck. Glancing back up at the young mafia boss, you tilted your head to the side. “Any guesses, so far?”

He looked thoughtful for a moment. “Did you join the Gallo family?”

“Maybe,” came your secretive reply. “Then again, maybe not. Maybe I just like swimming around in stranger's pools.” Gliding to ladder at one end of the pool, you held on to the cold metal and hoisted yourself up. You turned your head to glance back at him, offering a small smile. In that moment, Tsuna was absolutely stilled. The way the water slid off your exposed stomach, past your bathing suit bottoms, and down your creamy legs left him completely speechless. Now that you had come into the light, he could see your soft features better. As your eyes met his and that smirk danced on your mouth, Tsuna knew that you were well aware of the effect you were having on him.

“Maybe we'll meet again. See you later, Tiger.” With a small wave of your fingers, you grabbed a dark towel from the small pool chair and wrapped it around yourself. Heading into the garden area, you completely disappeared from his line of vision. Tsuna was left in a complete and utter daze. Who were you, exactly? A figment of his imagination? A guest at the party? He was only half-aware of someone calling his name until Gokudera Hayato stood by his side, olive-green eyes narrowed suspiciously.

“Who was she, Tenth?”

Tsuna could only stare at where you had just been, flabbergasted. “I don't really know, Gokudera-kun.”

But he wanted to find out.
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