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29th-Oct-2011 01:41 am - Reaper's Edit: Day Five
Cute Sakura
Lightning's Story: 

The faint gust of wind swept past the pair of females, coating Lightning's skin with a blanket of gooseflesh. “Hey Lightning?” The pink-haired woman's attention fell upon Rebecca's slower stride, think eyebrow quirked in confusion. “Was there someone....you cared about?”

Lightning froze on the spot, stormy eyes widened in shock. Never had she expected Rebecca to pose such a deep and personal question, nor did she expect herself to be able to form an answer. “I think I had a sister, but I don't exactly remember her. I can only recall the fact that I joined the Guardian Core to support her and myself. However, there was someone else....,” Lightning's eyes fluttered close, a wave of emotions threatening to boil over. “His name was Tidus. We worked together in the Guardian Core. I—never mind.” She shook her head and advanced forward, glancing over her shoulder to peer at the more petite young woman.

A thin silence blanketed the two of them before Lightning's deep exhale penetrated the icy air. “What about you?” she questioned, arms folding across her chest in a signature stance of comfort. “Was there anyone you cared about?” Rebecca merely shook her head in response, which triggered a sort of curiosity inside of Lightning. However, the older woman let the subject drop, opting to advance further in the silence. Before she could even blink, a man who was roughly around her age—perhaps a bit older—appeared out of no where, leering behind Rebecca dangerously.

“Rebecca, who is this?” Lightning's hand itched for her weapon. Her fingers wrapped around the handle before Rebecca's shocked gasp interrupted her actions. Seeing as though the brunette wasn't responding to her demand, the warrior growled dangerously and moved forward, finally ripping her weapon out of its holster.

“Lightning, stop! This is Billy. I know him!”

Halting, Lightning's eyebrows knitted together neatly, eyes flaring up. “Rebecca, whoever you may think this is, it isn't him. He feels too much like the enemies we've encountered in this world.”

Still, Rebecca childishly disagreed with her, assuring her that she was wrong. Inwardly, Lightning could only wonder if this was who Rebecca cherished most. Was he the reason why her partner didn't want to open up any further? Ensuing in the argument at hand, the ex-SOLIDER angrily sighed, wishing she could shake some sense into her partner. From the corner of her eye, she could only gape in horror as a darkness encased Rebecca, pulling her off from sight. “Rebecca!” shouted Lightning, who ran around where her partner had once previously stood. It was almost as if she vanished into thin air. In a shocked manner, Lightning pressed her shaking, gloved hand against her forehead, breath labored from the incident she had just witnessed.

“Light.” It was almost as though time had stopped when that voice drifted towards her ears, caressing her eardrums with a false sense of hope.

“Who's there?” Lightning spun around, barely making out the shadowy figure in the distance. As he came more into the light, Lightning could feel her heart skip a beat. Blinking a few times to make sure she wasn't dreaming, Lightning opened her mouth to call out his name until a black mist swirled around her ankles, clouding him from her vision. “Wait!” she cried, thrusting her hand out into the air in hopes that someone—anyone—would grab it.

Such saving graces never seemed to fall her way.

When Lightning finally opened her eyes, she was met with more darkness. Senses kicking in, the young warrior quickly darted away, almost making it until her foot slipped. It wasn't long until she slipped from the edge of the cliff she was hanging on to, falling further and further into oblivion.

As she hit the ground roughly, Lightning couldn't help the surge of pain that coursed through her entire body. The memory of Tidus death—by her own hands at that—played through her mind like a broken record. She never wanted to kill him, but an order was an order. It didn't help that he had ignored her advice and continued to pursue Yuna, a member from an opposing force.

She had sworn to take that memory, as well as her buried feelings, to her grave; this was truly irony at its finest.

“Tidus, please, let me—“

“No,” he snapped, dark sapphire orbs gliding to meet her own. “You don't get it, Light. I hate you.”

Lightning felt her heart sink to her stomach, a whorl of emotions building up on her chest. “If you hate me, then I guess it's okay to do what I'm about to do.” Her gaze never left her clenched fist. Confused, Tidus attempted to move forward, but stopped once Lightning pulled out her weapon, eyes glossed over . Her words of advice to Rebecca rang in her head over and over, much like a broken record on a player. “You see, you aren't really Tidus. Goodbye.” With a single shot, Lightning ended it just as quickly as it had started. The world around her dimmed and, suddenly, she was standing in the same as before.

“Lightning?” Spinning around on her heel, Lightning stared at Rebecca's form before sighing, wrapping her arms around the smaller girl almost as if she were a lifeline. After a few moments had passed, she released her hold and flicked her fingers against her forehead.

“Just call me Light. We'll talk about what happened later, okay?”

And so they continued on.  

Rebecca's Story: 

Rebecca kept thinking back to Billy, and wondering if Lightning ever had somebody like him in her life. Lightning didn’t remember much about her old life, but she did remember being a soldier, so that was somewhere to start. Besides, maybe getting Lightning to open up would distract her; the guilt was really starting to weigh on her.

“Lightning…I know you don’t remember before or after being a soldier, but was there anybody...special to you that you can remember?” she questioned, trying to make it as off-hand as possible.

“Why?” was Lightning’s only response.

“I’m just curious.” Rebecca was determined to find out if there was anything. The soldier sighed and thought a while before responding.

“I was close with my partner, Tidus. That’s about it. What about you?” she tried to divert the attention off of her, but Rebecca didn’t notice. Her only thought was that Lightning and her situation might not be that different…after all, they both had their ‘partners’.

Once she had realized the older woman asked a question, she just shook her head. She wasn’t ready to talk about Billy. Not yet. She wanted to keep him locked inside her heart, until she knew his circumstance. Until she knew for sure whether the man was alive or dead.

And so she slept on these thoughts, only to be drowned in nightmares. But not nightmares of zombies, of tyrants, of Umbrella, or even of Billy. She dreamt of Lightning screaming at her. Rebecca had lied straight to her face, and hadn’t told the secrets she was holding inside. Lightning accused her of being a terrible partner, of not caring at all about her feelings, and so forth.

The nightmare seemed so possible that Rebecca woke up in tears. When questioned by Lightning, she told her vague aspects of her dream, and said how she felt she wasn’t being a good partner by sharing her thoughts.

Lightning pushed that thought aside, claiming “Memories are nice, but that’s all they are. If you don’t want to tell, don’t.”

As she was starting to feel brighter, she felt a presence behind her. She turned to see none other than the man she kept wondering about; Billy. He seemed darker than she remembered, but she just assumed that was an effect of this world.

Upon seeing Rebecca’s surprised but pleased face, and sensing the danger about this stranger, Lightning demanded to know who he was. She received no answer; Rebecca was still in shock and the stranger didn’t feel the need to respond. This angered her, and she began to take out her gunblade and charge towards him, but Rebecca stopped her.

Lightning, stop! This is Billy, I know him!” she rushed through her words, fearing her current partner’s temper.

Whoever you think this is, think again. There is something wrong with him; it feels too much like the enemies in this world!”

You’re wrong!” she shouted back childishly, refusing to believe the wiser woman’s words. As the pair argued, ‘Billy’ watched and smirked, slowly allowing the darkness encasing him to creep around Rebecca. By the time Lightning noticed, it was too late.

Rebecca, watch out!” she warned, but it was too late. Rebecca and Billy were both gone, gone somewhere too dark for Lightning to follow.

When Rebecca opened her eyes, she saw something she thought she would never see again. Raccoon City, the forest of the Arklay Mountains. But it seemed tainted, tainted by powers incapable of humans. “What..?”

We promised to cooperate with each other, remember?” the faux Billy smiled.

But..I let you die.” With her words, the world seemed to go even darker, the dog-tags against her chest glowing as ‘Billy’ spoke.

You said you wouldn’t judge me…” the darkness flared as the noise got angrier, and more aware of its power.

You don’t get it.” Before Rebecca could comprehend what was happening, ‘Billy’ had a gun aimed at her forehead. And her head began to hurt as images began flooding her mind. Her holding a gun, shooting, getting splattered with blood, with BILLY’S blood, she had shot Billy. His voice filtering in, “A coward and a killer.” But this hadn’t happened. You didn’t shoot Billy. A voice inside Rebecca told her. It sounded suspiciously like Lightning.

But regardless of who or what told her that, her mind cleared, and the hallucinations stopped. But ‘Billy’ was still standing in front of her with a gun pointed at her, asking her how she would pay for what she’s done. Rebecca cried, asking him if she couldn’t live or die, what did her want her to do?

But even as the words were still leaving her lips, she realized it was futile. No amount of crying or begging would help her, because this wasn’t the Billy she knew. She knew then what Lightning could tell from first glance; this was one of the ‘noise’. It took on the form that she kept hidden from her partner, the form that would harm her most. But she wasn’t sure how to fight it, for she had no weapon. Hand-to-hand combat would be useless against anything as strong as this pseudo-person, and Rebecca was trapped in the darkness without Lightning to help her.

But instead of giving up and dying, Rebecca did the only thing she could think of. She fought this taboo noise with words. It was an odd breed of noise to begin with, maybe an odd way of combat could win. She yelled at the noise, throwing its words back in its face, and telling it how it was wrong. Yet it still did not dissipate. So she tried once more, but she let go of her greatest fear this time. She laid her guilt about Billy to rest, and accepted that whatever happened would never be her fault. It would be the corporation that played with their lives like strings; Umbrella.

As soon as she ceased to feel guilty, the darkness surrounding them became filled with light, and the taboo noise disappeared. And so Rebecca left in search of Lightning, only to come across her as she finished what appeared to be another taboo noise off. As she witnessed the scene, Rebecca at first began to turn around, believing it to be a private moment, but once she heard Lightning’s footsteps begin to retreat; she called out to her partner. 

20th-Oct-2011 05:30 pm - Reaper's Edit: Day Four
Rebecca's Story: 

Rebecca figured it'd be easy. After all, it was just one person. And it should have been easy, it should have. Fate didn't seem to agree with Rebecca though. When they had found the player, he seemed to have been waiting for them. Rebecca felt like she wouldn't be able to do much, so she was prepared to let the two duke it out, with Lightning being victorious, of course. But Lightning froze. She saw him, and something about him made her freeze.

Rebecca wasn't the only one who realized Lightning’s hesitation. Sazh did too. And he was prepared to use it against them. Rebecca ran in front of Lightning to shield her after seeing his plan. She couldn't fight him, she had no weapon, and hand-to-hand combat was futile if the opponent had a gun. Despite every fiber of her being telling her to run, to get away, to leave her partner behind, she couldn't. She couldn't leave somebody else stranded. Not again, not after Billy. 

She had met Billy when she was still alive, in a town whose mysteries seemed to all lead back to the Umbrella Corporation. She and her team were sent to investigate murders, but instead, her squad ended up decimated. It was just her left, her against the infected. But she had run into Billy Coen, and they quickly struck up a partnership in hopes of survival. He was convicted of a crime he didn't commit just because he was so easy to blame. So Rebecca had stolen her dog tags and worn them herself, promising him as long as she wore them, she would believe him, and try to help him after they had survived. She slowly found herself falling for the man as they continued forward, never seeming to reach the end of the nightmare. And then he had fallen into a sewer while trying to help HER. It was her fault, and Rebecca tried to follow him, she did, but in her panicked state she wasn't paying attention, and that had cost her her life. 

Rebecca couldn't even be sure if Billy was still alive, but she knew it was her fault. If she didn't win, then he would be by himself, and would probably die by the hands of the zombies. She wasn't going to have somebody else she close to her die because she was too careless, because she couldn't help. She wouldn't let Light get hurt too.

When Lightning's eyes drank in his"Get up, Lightning." were the only words she told Lightning before being shot. She felt the immense pain, and dully wondered how that should be possible if she was supposed to be dead. Rebecca fell, and she knew that had snapped Lightning out of her trance. Lightning began to fight Sazh as Rebecca addressed her injuries. Being a medic came in handy.

Lightning's Story: 

When Lightning's eyes drank in his form—his choice of weapon—she couldn't help the tensing of her spine or the cold trickle of sweat down her face. Her heart nervously rammed against her ribcage, tingles of shock and disbelief coursing through her. This man resembled someone from her foggy memories; the similarities were uncanny. A name drifted to the tip of her tongue, which almost felt thick with nerves. “Sazh?” she questioned, her weapon lowering by the second, name practically foreign. Her brain—her most logical aspect—screamed at her, demanding that she killed him, regardless of some vague memory or not.

However, she couldn't bring herself to do it.

Sazh lifted his guns upwards, barrels pointed directly to her heart. Oddly enough, Lightning's only reaction was to freeze, eyes closing shut, nails digging into the palm of her glove. A warm gust of wind passed her body and a gunshot rang out, causing the warrior to force her eyes open and take in the sight.

Rebecca had taken a bullet for her.

Her partner, Rebecca, had just saved her life.

“Get up, Light,” she said in a weaker tone, snapping Lighting from her trance. Because of her foolishness, Rebecca had been hurt. Gripping her sword tighter, Lightning tucked once Sazh attempted to fire at her once more, snapping on her anti-gravity and slamming him rather forcefully into a building's wall. He dropped both of his weapons, which she picked up and fired at him without a single care.

She was Lightning Farron, an ex-Guardian Core solider; this was what she was born to do.

Firing the dummy player's fake weapon against him, Lightning dropped to the ground once her anti-gravity device shut off, turning her head back to watch Sazh suffer on the ground. However, once a bright light erupted from his chest, the female recoiled, hand sliding over her own brand. After summoning Odin, Lightning gripped the guns more tightly and shot once more, defeating both the dummy player as well as the eidolon.

“Rebecca!” Hastily, Lightning dismissed Odin and ran over to her partner, quickly checking her pulse. “Are you alright?” The faint smile on the medic's lips told the warrior everything she needed to know; they were going to be alright.  

7th-Oct-2011 02:25 am - Ventbag
Cute Sakura
Warning: I am extremely emotional right now. You do not have to read this; I just need SOMEWHERE to pour my feelings out. 

It's nearly 2:30 AM and I'm still awake. My eyes hurt; I've been crying all afternoon. When Aunt Pinky called and told me you were in the hospital--that you weren't doing well--I figured that it couldn't be that bad. 

But I was so wrong. You're dying, and there isn't a simple damn thing I can do to help you. I went with my mother to see you today at the hospital and couldn't stop myself from crying. Twice I had to leave the room. All the nurses and doctors sent me sympathetic looks as I wandered down the hallway, teary-eyed and blindly searching for a bathroom to try and hide my puffy eyes from you. I didn't want to upset you. 

You're going home soon. They took you off the fluids while I was there. I love you so much; you were like a grandparent to me. I can't stop thinking about how that visit will probably be the last time I see you. 

I just can't right now.
14th-Sep-2011 05:22 pm - Reaper's Edit: Day Two
Cute Sakura

Putting away her weapon after defeating a noise, Lightning glanced up at Rebecca, rolling her eyes at the young woman's cheerful attitude. “C'mon, Lightning; let's go.” The older woman only watched as Rebecca skipped ahead, a reluctant sigh passing through her lips. Trailing after the ex S.T.A.R.S. member, Lightning paused and nearly passed up Rebecca, who was glued to the window overlooking outside.

“What is it?” Lightning moved closer to her partner, arms cross against her chest in a protective manner.

“I know him,” Rebecca said slowly, eyes fixed upon the man glancing up into the old mansion. Confused, Lightning peered over the shorter girl's shoulder, a deep frown marring her face.

“You can't possibly know him. We're dead, remember?”

“He was my former S.T.A.R.S captain!” Rebecca pushed away from the window, going outside to greet her former captain, Albert Wesker. The blond-haired man smirked devilishly, alarming Lightning from the moment her eyes scanned over his manipulative face. “Captain! What are you doing here?”

Wesker spun around, light gleaming off of his sunglasses. Lightning balled her hand into a fist, arm slowly inching down in case she needed to draw out her weapon. “I'm not sure,” he lied. “Rebecca, who is this?”

Lightning could only stand and watch as the two conversed before, finally, the blond haired man shook his head. “You two should travel with me. It's safer that way.”

“I don't think so,” retorted Lightning, turning her head to look back at Rebecca. Oddly enough, the brunette looked down-right furious. “He's my captain, Lightning! I know him. I think it's safe!”

Recoiling, Lightning shook her head, temper raising. The two of them went back and forth like this until, finally, Lightning sighed. “Rebecca, don't you trust your partner?” Her tone was weary, both from the argument, and all of the fighting the two of them had done. Realizing her mistake, Rebecca quickly apologized, straightening out to give Wesker her answer. 

“Sorry,” she said, her face blank, “but I have to trust my partner.”

Wesker tried to influence her to join him, to leave Lightning behind. Instead, the brunette shook her head, turning her back on her former captain. "You'll regret this" were the last words Rebecca could hear as she was walking away, and she failed to see the mysterious woman appearing next to him.
"Excella, I think I've found a use for you."

1st-Sep-2011 01:12 pm - Reapers Edit Week One
Cute Sakura
OKAY i have no idea if anybody is following laurin's stuff or not BUT THIS ISN'T HER. She let me borrow her LJ for posting a story for a youtube contest and excuse my horrible writing for tainting her loveliness and YEAH. ILOVEYOULAURIN.
Rebecca looked and looked for any sign of where she was. She couldn’t tell. Turning her flashlight this way and that, she didn’t recognize any of the setting she was in. Before she could look more, she heard a rustling behind her. She turned quickly, gun and flashlight aimed at the unfamiliar sound.
“Don’t point that at me.” said a woman who looked only to be a couple of years older than Rebecca. And as soon as the woman said that, she started to walk away.
“Wait! Before you go, can you at least tell me where we are? I don’t know how I got here or where here even is.”
Lightning slowed her walk, trying to decide whether she would tell the girl where they were. From as far as she could tell, this person would be her partner.  The girl looked like she wasn’t even old enough to qualify for the gun she was holding. But Lightning didn’t seem to have a choice in the matter. She turned, about to tell the young girl where exactly they were, but it seemed the girl had fallen off the edge of whatever they were standing on. Lightning rushed to help and pulled her back up. Even if she didn’t quite like the younger one, being alone in this place wasn’t exactly ideal.
“Thank you.”  As she said this, an image of someone flashed in Lightning’s mind. She felt like she knew them, but she didn’t know from where.
“I’m Lightning. We’re both dead. This is our chance for redemption. We work together, or we stay dead.” She answered Rebecca’s previous question bluntly. And once Rebecca realized  Lightning was being serious, she gasped. But that was the most she showed in front of her new ‘partner’.  Instead of crying like she so wished to, she smiled, but when Rebecca thought Lightning wasn’t looking, she would sigh and let her mind drift off to thoughts she wasn’t quite ready to share.
This game, as it was said, wasn’t just an empty landscape. It was full of dangers and enemies referred to as ‘Noise’. Lightning usually took care of them before Rebecca could whip out her pistol. But not all of them were as small. When a larger one came along, it was time to ask for Rebecca’s help. But when Rebecca tried to shoot, she looked and felt like she’d never held a gun before in her life. She couldn’t even figure out how to take the safety off. Lighting eventually took care of the Noise, but not without trouble.
“Why didn’t you help?!” Lightning yelled at Rebecca.
“I don’t know.” She admitted.
“What?” Lighting asked, confused.
“I.. I couldn’t shoot. I don’t know why. It’s like I’ve never used a gun before.” She sighed.
“..sorry”  Lightning muttered.
Rebecca just gave another one of her smiles before turning and walking away.
As they continued to fight Noise, Lightning realized she couldn’t remember much about when she was alive. The only time she could remember anything was when she was fighting. Otherwise, when she tried to remember, the only thing she could seem to was Lightning, the soldier.
So she asked Rebecca if she could remember anything from her life.
“Yep, I remember. The only thing I can’t seem to get down is fighting.” was her answer.
Lightning scowled at this. “That’s the only thing that I remember.”
“You’ll remember soon enough.” was Rebecca’s typical, optimistic response.
After numerous times of not being able to use her pistol, Rebecca started to get frustrated, wondering why she couldn’t.
“It was your entry fee. That’s the rules.” Responded a woman she had never seen before. As quickly as the woman appeared, she left.
“That was the composer.” Responded Lightning.
“The creator of this ‘game’. She’s the one giving us another chance. So whatever she says, follow it.” Lightning seemed to know what she was talking about, so Rebecca didn’t doubt her.
“So, that means I won’t be able to fight?” she said slowly, disappointed that she would be of no use.
“I suppose not. These ‘fees’ are supposed to be things we took for granted in life.”
Rebecca thought and thought, curious as to how she took shooting for granted. She guessed it was because she always thought she’d be able to defend herself. She said she never needed the other’s help, even if she accepted it in the end anyways. Now she had no choice. She couldn’t fight. The most she could do was be a medic to Lightning, since she was more experienced in that than most.
After she thought out hers, she began to wonder what Lightning’s entry fee was. Lightning didn’t seem to remember her past, so she supposed that was it. ‘But how could someone take that for granted…’ was her only thought, one she didn’t think Lightning or herself had an answer to.
22nd-Jun-2011 07:48 pm - Aimee is a Demanding Hoe.
Killer Bee

FoshoCollapse )
10th-Jun-2011 09:54 am - :D
Cute Sakura

1. I think the main game I was most excited for was Uncharted 3. UM, HELLO, DID ANYONE ELSE SEE A RING ON ELENA'S HAND? Does this mean we're getting an Uncharted wedding? PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. Also, Chloe is back. If she's only there to play the tempest role, I'm going to skin Naughty Dog. Don't break up Nate/Elena. You tried that once; fans wanted to skin you alive. 

2. I honestly did not expect to find any other game interesting. The new trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2 had me laughing, though. Does anyone else think that the new male character looks like a younger Squall with longer hair? I DO. Also, when I first saw his name, I thought "Noel" was "Noelle". Then I discovered his last name was Kreiss (pronounced "Christ"). This boy is officially Jesus. AND, APPARENTLY, IS THE VOICE OF RIKU? DAVID, LOVE, IS THAT YOU? 
P.S. Serah looks like a slut.  And homeboy better not be touching on Snow's girl.
3. I honest-to-God was anti Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City until I discovered CLAIRE REDFIELD is going to be in the game. It suddenly has made this game one thousand times better, and I will be preordering this game. 

4. ....Who else thought Resident Evil: Revelations looked kind of lame? And who the hell is Jessica? If this slore is going to be added to Chris' harem, I swear-to-God. Or, better yet, Leon will magically appear and she'll fall in love with him. That makes, what now...six? Christ. 
29th-May-2011 05:45 am - -____-
Killer Bee
P.S. This will also contain spoilers for Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Now, don't get me wrong; I typically like female characters in any show/video game/book/manga/anime. I usually gravitate myself towards the ones that no one seems to like, because they have some major flaws. Let's take Sakura, for example. She's my favorite character from Naruto. Why is she my favorite? Because she's human and realistic. It's very rare for a fictional sixteen-year-old girl (in any form of literature/writing/media) to act her age. Does Sakura? I daresay she does. All of her flaws is what draws me towards her, and what makes me happy to see her kickass every once in a while. 

What I don't love, however, is a fucking Mary-Sue. 

To detour for a moment as to why I'm talking about KHR!, let's rewind to four days ago. Four days ago, I had a viral infection inside of my mouth, making it virtually impossible to eat or drink anything besides water. I was in pain, cranky, and I literally had nothing to do, so I asked a friend for a good anime recommendation; she said Reborn! I had tried to pick up the series before, as seeing it's mega popular on Lunaescence, a site I read fanfiction on. I tried to watch again and, to my surprise, I became hooked around episode 30 or so. 

.....Which leads me to my main problem. 

I. hate. almost. every. single. fucking. girl. character. 

I have no idea if the author of the series knows how much her girl characters infuriate people, but I seriously have to stop myself from skipping their parts on the screen. Let's take Kyoko, the main protagonist's love interest, for example. Her only purpose in the show is to "motivate" Tsuna with her "kawaii-desu-neeee" smiles, and happy-go-lucky nature. She magically inspires everyone to do better, and everyone loves her--literally; she is the "idol" of her middle school. She can cook, she can clean, she can sew, SHE CAN DO ANYTHING BECAUSE SHE IS THE KAWAII KYOKO-CHANNNNN. She can't fight, she's ridiculously air-headed, and ALWAYS gets in trouble so that Tsuna ALWAYS has to come and save her. She annoys me, her voice annoys me, and, to be frank, she's rather worthless as a character. She has no depth, and what little development she DOES seem to possess is washed away whenever she opens her damn mouth. I cannot stand her. At all. 

Let's move on to Haru now. Haru is hopelessly OBSESSED with Tsuna, is always stalking him, and has this god-awful voice from hell. She is pretty much a Kyoko-clone, just with a more hyper personality, if you can imagine. Because she is a woman (and clearly the author has it in her mind that all women belong in a kitchen), she can magically cook/clean/sew as well! LEGASP. And when I FINALLY thought she was getting character development after Tsuna blew his fuse with her in the Future! Arc, she gives in three seconds after he apologizes by claiming he's using her "love" against her. ....What? Bitch, you're ALLOWED to be mad at this boy! He yelled at you for no good reason! BE ANGRY. PUT UP A FIGHT. DO SOMETHING EXCEPT FOR FORGIVING HIM! 

What does she do, though? She forgives him. Wow. What a shocker. 

Chrome was a female that I thought I was going to be able to like. She seemed like she could fight, and she is shares a body (or something like that) with a super-sexy, super-sadistic illusionist. What happens, though? -____- She is practically useless without said illusionist's help. She can't fight, and is so damn weak. What the hell. 

Bianchi is probably the only female character who doesn't utterly annoy me in this series, despite having her moments. Then again, she is older and wiser, having been born into a Mafia family. I just pray she doesn't start to utterly piss me off. 

It probably seems like I'm hating on these characters; I'm not. I'm simply disagreeing with the cliched way they are being protrayed in this manga. It's truly a shame, too, because the story/art work/dialog is really good. KHR! Is probably one of the best animes I've seen in a really long-ass time. I'm just tired of seeing these useless girls pop up on my screen.

 Please, for the love of God, I'm begging for some character development

That is all.
8th-May-2011 12:28 am - Fahh
 I really, really want to write a Claire/Leon piece. Badly. Problem? I have no ideas. sdkfmndskjfndskjnfs. Ugh. IOTL All the ideas in my head would not fit this pairing. Unless I write me some crack. But I dun wanna write crack...>_>

28th-Apr-2011 03:28 pm - Blah
 So, I posted this on the Catharsis roundrobin on Luna, but I thought I'd post to my own personal journal as well.
It also makes me extremely sad to see Sally might be closing the site down. I honestly don't know what I'd do without Lunaescence. However, the people that I have met over at Jamlyfics are amazing. :] So thank you for that. 

Without further ado: 

Click At Own Risk. Contains teenage whiny and some scary life stuff.Collapse )
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